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Overhead Lines   

Power lines are used to carry electricity. It is very dangerous to touch them. You do not have to touch them for an electrical accident to happen; the electric shock could come about by just getting too close to the line.

When in doubt, you must always assume that a line is an electrical one and, therefore, is energized. Never carry out any of the following activities near a power line:

  • Fly kites
  • Set up or transport scaffolding or ladders
  • Climb up the pylons
  • Use fishing rods
  • Pitch tents or awnings
  • Do air sports activities (paragliding, balloons, etc.)
  • Throw anything at power line elements
  • Raise a truck’s trailer

If you see that some animal or object is touching a power line, you should report the situation to Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica by calling 900 17 11 71 in order to have technicians remove it. Should a person be touching a power line, you must call the emergencies telephone number 112 first.

The following working document is available to companies and professionals that work near our power lines: Nearness to electrical installations [PDF](*).


(*) Spanish version

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